One day I'll fly away...

Today I drove down to the marine centre where I will start a placement at on Monday. The weather is glorious outside, and right now I can’t believe how lucky I am to spend my summer running around the rockpools here, all in the name of environmental education.

To me, this is paradise.

Things are looking up!

So I had an interview yesterday and today I found out I got the job! It’s only voluntary but it means I’ll be spending my summer running around rockpools giving talks to school children about the animals found on rocky shores. Sounds rubbish but, for me, it’s PERFECT! I also recently found out Exeter University have accepted me on their PGCE programme so, from September, I will begin training to become a science teacher!

I want to have a career in environmental conservation, so all this is very exciting to me and all brilliant experience! I graduated from University 8 months ago and until now I haven’t managed to find a job - it’s great when things FINALLY fall into place.

So right now, I’m very happy and SUPER EXCITED for my future :D